The Internet of Things is about much more than just smart refrigerators. Get insight on managing and analyzing IoT data in business applications in this Essential Guide.


The Internet of Things (IoT) sounds like a consumer fantasy come true -- who wouldn't want to be able to turn off the lights at home from two towns away, or leave it to their refrigerator to make sure they know when milk, butter and other staples need to be replenished? But there's more to the IoT than lifestyle enhancement. It also includes a corporate side, enabling organizations to collect and analyze data from sensors on manufacturing equipment, pipelines, weather stations, smart meters, delivery trucks and other types of machinery.

IoT analytics applications can help companies understand the Internet of Things data at their disposal, with an eye toward reducing maintenance costs, avoiding equipment failures and improving business operations. In addition, retailers, restaurant chains and makers of consumer goods can use data from smartphones, wearable technologies and in-home devices to do targeted marketing and promotions -- the business side of the IoT's futuristic world of connected consumer gear.

Prior to the emergence of the IoT, taking a step back to analyze all of the information provided by the assortment of devices it can encompass was exceedingly difficult, if not outright impossible. As David Smith, a principal program manager at Microsoft, noted in September 2014, "Getting access to data is something data scientists strive for. But all these devices are independent, and there's no way for anybody to aggregate that data together." IoT technology offers automated mechanisms for pulling machine data into data warehouses or Hadoop clusters and other big data platforms for analysis.

Building and running the kinds of big data analytics applications typically required with IoT data isn't a simple task, though. If your organization is looking to make sense of the data it collects from the Internet of Things, check out the expert insights, user stories and other resources in this IoT analytics Essential Guide.

The IoT and data analytics

Taking stock of the possibilities and perils of IoT analytics

In a nutshell, the Internet of Things refers to devices other than computers that are connected to the Internet and can send and receive data. The term has been around for more than 15 years, though it only began gaining wide currency more recently. Still, many IT, business intelligence and analytics managers have stopped asking, "What is the Internet of Things?" Instead, they've started asking, "What is the business value of the data generated by the IoT? And what do we need to do to realize that value?" The articles in this section explore the potential benefits and challenges of efforts to analyze all that data, and take a look at the future of IoT projects in the enterprise.

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Η PARKGURU συμμετέχει στο πρόγραμμα «Έξυπνης Πόλης» του Δήμου Τρικάλων H PARKGURU, στο πλαίσιο του πιλοτικού προγράμματος «Έξυπνης Πόλης» που υλοποιεί ο Δήμος Τρικάλων, συμμετείχε συνεισφέροντας την τεχνογνωσία της στα συστήματα έξυπνης στάθμευσης με τεχνολογίες IOT (internet of things). Τα αποτελέσματα του έργου θα παρουσιαστηκαν σε ειδική ημερίδα που έλαβε τόπο την Πέμπτη, 29 Ιουνίου 2017 στα Τρίκαλα. Τα Τρίκαλα έχουν τη δι [ ... ]

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