Our solutions are applicable on any sort of building: residence, industrial building, hotel, commercial building, office, etc. We just refer to residences as a characteristic example. Whatever your home is, small or big, our solutions meet every need, turning it into a really smart home. You may have an advanced security system, control your lights, electric cooker, water heater, have automatic irrigation, set your roller blinds or awnings up and down wherever you are inside your home or away using your phone (fixed or mobile), smartphone (as a telephone or via Internet), PC via Internet, remote control. Υou may have energy saving by synchronized control of air-conditioning, lighting, Venetian blinds, etc. You may also have central distribution of telephone, television, computer network, audio/video distribution  to the whole house, home cinema, and many more. Advanced access control is another important feature of our solutions. Finally, in commercial and industrial buildings, supervision of any sort of machinery and integration with industrial automation is possible.

Send us a brief description of your needs and, if available, a floor plan of your house or building, even in jpg format through a scanner. We will give you a first glance of what your house or building can achieve along with a sizing of the solution in terms of cost.





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