THE COMPANY is operating in projects of modern building automation (smart homes / buildings), offering integrated solutions for all kinds of buildings (residences of any type and size, industrial buildings, hotels, commercial buildings, offices). It is a master distributor of Leviton (ex-HAI, Home Automation. Inc.), U.S.A., whose electronic products for home automation it directly imports from U.S.A. It undertakes case study, supervision, programming while, through strategic partnerships, provides certified quality products and services for smart home / building solutions at all parts of such a project, i.e., main control, electrical energy management and central audio / video distribution.  Solutions may be applied by technical staff of customer's choice, companies that are's strategic partners, and our technicians-partners. The customers of are building owners, technical enterprises, developers, and architects.

The founder of the enterprise, Panagiotis E. Fountopoulos, is an Electrical Engineer (MD), National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.), with the specialty of Electronic Engineer. He has also got his Ph.D. on Computer Science at N.T.U.A. The subject of his PhD dissertation, similar to the subject of his MD thesis, belongs to the space of digital signal processing. He has many years of experience in the sectors of IT and electronics, with an emphasis in automatic control systems for buildings.

The choice of Dupline products for electrical energy management led to cooperation with the company Carlo Gavazzi. After years of research, the founder developed an innovation in the form of a commercial product under the name HERMES 101 and given the ideal solution of a two-way interface betweenthe products of Leviton (main control) and Dupline (electrical energy management).

Cooperation with Somfy, a Leviton connectivity partner at international level, created a strong synergy between Leviton and Somfy for smart home solutions, especially for small and lived-in residences.

Entering a new era, after about two decades of targeted and continuous activity in the smart home business, has been transformed to a single-member private company (fully owned by the founder), holding the commercial name, undertaking the wholesale, and marketing the outcomes of research of many years. Distribution and technical support of products manufactured by many high reputation international firms and innovative solutions based on internal research are the main features of the new era. The original personal business keeps the retail sales and specialized technical consulting.

Aim Declaration is committed in providing quality services and modern products on the subject of modern building automation, known as smart homes / buildings, as a result of continuous research on materials and methods.





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