Omnistat2 thermostats are the latest generation of programmable communicating thermostats and provide precise digital temperature control over your HVAC system. With the ability to control a host of energy sources including gas, oil, steam, hydronic, forced air, radiant, electric, geothermal, and heat pumps. What makes Omnistat2 thermostats stand above their competition is that they use advanced digital technology to learn the heating/cooling patterns of your home to control the equipment for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Omnistat2 thermostats have an automatic heat/cool changeover, which features an automatic switch from heating to cooling mode and back without any manual operation. The Fan cycle mode periodically circulates air for comfort. To adjust temperature settings, simply turn the scroll wheel to the right or left.

The Omnistat2 can display outdoor temperature and humidity settings as well. A graphical chart can be viewed showing HVAC usage/energy consumption, sorted by week. The display includes a filter reminder to keep your systems at peak efficiency. Omnistat2 thermostats do not require batteries to retain their settings and time.

The Omnistat2 may be used stand-alone or with a Leviton security and automation system. When used stand-alone you may schedule your HVAC activity with an easy-to-use 7 day schedule function. You can set back the equipment when the house is not occupied and save on your energy costs. The Omnistat2 has a built-in vacation mode feature that restores temperatures automatically ensuring a comfortable return and energy savings.

Omnistat2 thermostats allow you to have a different program option for every day of the week, which makes them flexible enough for home or business owners with varying schedules. Additionally, the thermostats have a simple copy and paste feature to make it easy to copy a program schedule from one day to the next (perfect for most M->F schedules!).

The Omnistat2 is available in three different colors - White, Black, and Silver - ready to match your décor. The LCD's multi-color backlight means you can choose from over one hundred different backlight options. Omnistat2 thermostats have a built-in proximity/motion detector so that the screen illuminates when approached, enabling quick adjustments even in the dark of night.

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Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Omnistat2 thermostats support one external temperature sensor for indoor or outdoor temperature monitoring. When an outdoor sensor has been set up, the outdoor temperature is displayed on the Advanced Display of the Omnistat2 and can be seen on other user interfaces. The temperature from a remote temperature sensor can be combined with the onboard Omnistat2 temperature sensor to determine the average temperature of two locations, and this average temperature may then be used for comparison to heat/cool set points. The RC-2000 model even features a built-in humidity sensor.

  • Used for sensing indoor or outdoor temperature from -40 F to 49 C. It is coated with a sealant to withstand outdoor moisture and features a high accuracy temperature sensor that doesn't need calibration
  • This sensor comes with a bracket for mounting in garages, greenhouses, basements, wine cellars, and coolers. The temperature can be displayed on the Touchscreen or mobile device. It can also report, log, alert, or generate an alarm if the temperature reaches freeze conditions or if the temperature goes above the high set point or drops below the low set point programmed in the system
  • Includes a Humidity Sensor that is used for reporting the outdoor or indoor relative humidity from 0 to 100 percent
  • High and low humidity limits can be set for taking action (i.e. turning on the bathroom vent fan, running air conditioners in de-humidification mode, turning on humidifier in heating mode, etc.) or reporting high or low humidity conditions in homes, greenhouses, wine cellars, coolers, humidors, etc
  • Controlling humidity is particularly helpful in combating the growth of mold in vulnerable areas of the home, such as bathrooms, basements, attics, etc.

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