The innovation that changes the form of a smart home solution and opens the way for the Internet of Things (IoT)
An innovation developed by, an electronic device with the name HERMES 101, has enabled direct and economic cooperation of the Leviton’s host controller Omni with the Dupline bus. The device is also able to receive in the future analog and digital signals, to support communication with servers through Web services for data transfer, can upgrade its software over the Internet, and opens the way for the Internet of Things (IoT) to smart home solutions.
This product allows the powerful host controller Omni of Leviton, U.S.A., to become the center of a smart home solution.

At a first glance it looks like an ordinary alarm system. However, it actually can handle and manage all the functions of a house or building (security, fire detection, lighting, temperature, rolle blinds, awnings, water, irrigation, electrical appliances like electric cooker, water heater, washing machines, etc.).

Managing lighting, roller blinds, awnings, and, generally, electrical energy (at 230V) our solutions are based on the bus Dupline, an extremely reliable solution, applied for decades, which has been developed in Denmark andhas been applied on both residences and industry, where the demand  for reliability is much stricter.

The cooperation of a main controller Omni with the bus Dupline became straightforward and economical through the development of an innovation by that is through an electronic device named HERMES 101.

It is a device allowing the powerful family of the central units Omni (LT, IIe, Pro II) by HAI to be directly connected through an ordinary telephone cable to a bus Dupline for the overall management of lighting, electrical appliances, roller blinds, awnings. This way the central control of a house / building is achieved through the same central unit for all functions (security, fire detection, lighting, roller blinds, awnings, heating and cooling, water, irrigation) while electrical energy management (lighting, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, etc.) is based on an extremely reliable system, which is  the bus Dupline. The device HERMES 101allows for the central unit Omni and the bus Dupline to work as a unified system.

The device HERMES 101 cuts the installation cost of a smart home solution by 20%, simplifies installation, and supports, for those who cannot make the decision for a smart home solution during the development of a house, the pioneering proposal of, which allows, even after living in the house, for selecting between a conventional and a smart home solution without interventions (digging, painting, etc.). This proposal only requires 15% more cost for cabling, a begligible cost compared to the overall cost a house. Installation experience shows that many times this extra cabling, even if we do not go with a smart home solution, will be necessary for other needs that we have not thought of and would require interventions in building development when needs come later.





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