The solution is divided in three parts – pillars:


main control,

electrical energy management and

central audio - video distribution

Main control incorporates in a single main unit security, fire detection, HVAC control (e.g., air-conditioning, central heating), controlling electrical appliances like electric cooker or water heater, the possibility of controlling our house via telephone or the Internet and automation scenarios for great security or energy saving.

Energy management covers controlling all lighting zones and electrical appliances of a house through an automation system. The solution is based on Dupline bus, which features valuable technical advantages for both the installer and the customer. Those features are not met in any other bus. It allows for using switches of any brand. It can pass through any cable type (from telephone wires through powerline cables). It is not affected by powerline harmonics and industrial noise. It does not require earthing as other low voltage / electronic systems do. It operates at 8Vmaximum (recognizedasSELV –safety device by the new indoor electrical installations regulation ELOT HD 384). This way, in a residence under development we can route from the breakers box to every main room anumbered multi wire cable (e.g., 7x1,5). From there on we can use two wires of the multiwire cable for control signals (commands) to switch boxes and the rest of its wires as powerline wires. So we have greatly simplified the installation by using a single conduit and one cable with in that conduit for the most part of it. Evenmore, this cable is flexible, regardless of having more wires, which is not an issue for the installer.It can group to 10 kilometers to any direction without repeaters and following any topology. (This means it allows for following routes forming loops, trees, etc. We can connect to it wherever we find it). It can communicate with the known PLCs of the market and supports modbus, which makes it compatible to all industrial items of the market  (from flow and level up to the most specialized industrial part).

Central audio- video distribution allows for sending video and audio signals of any quality through a star-like UTP Cat5e or Cat6 cabling.This way low voltage installation is simplified as only one cable type is used for all telephone network and computer network and whole house audio – video distribution. Before applying floors conduit has to be installed under the floor to distribute low-voltage services (telephone signal, TV signal, control signals). In rooms that wood floors are planned to be applied on there has to be a specific care about low voltage distribution.

It is a good practice that TV signal distribution is applied from the beginning of installation on all desired locations.

It is also a good practice that all possible camera locations are recognized from the beginning so that the required conduit (under the floors or in-wall) be included.

Optionally, we can change the way we distribute powerlines in order to have a much better control of the whole electrical installation or supply a residence with low-voltage switches, which protects from electrical shock hazard in case one touches them with wet hands.










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